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"It is better to give than receive, But it is best to know that your gift is received."

     - Smt. Thuraimuga Lakshmi ( Amma) Founder of UthavumUllam

Uthavum Ullam is a free home for children aged destitute and mentally disabled people since 1998. It is a non-profitable and non - government organization. By the enduring hardworking of the trustee, the percentage of the children has slowly raised to the higher level. The children are enrolled here with caste, creed and religion distinction. Now the institution is responsible for 85 children and 65 old age people. They are provided good education, hygienic water, food and shelter. The poor parents sent their children here for their education, and for career development. The trustee is taking children only on the basis of reference of the local police or parents or guardians. We are also running old age and mentally retarded program. The home runs with the help of workers, volunteers, kind hearted people and reputed social workers. We are earnest in taking more orphanage children and provide proper education to them.

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    Children Home

    80 Children sheltered

Home for Aged

    Nearly 45 Senior Citizens ..

Home for Mentally Challenged

    Nearly 20 Mentally ...


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